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Update 8 April 2020

Update on Course Delivery for Term 2 from GOTAFE CEO

Firstly I want to reassure you that now more than ever GOTAFE is committed to delivering education and training for our communities and to supporting our students to be successful.

In these unprecedented times, continuing your education is more important than ever. Gaining new skills and training is the key to your future, and to making a difference in your community. As your chosen education provider, I want to reassure you that we are stepping up to ensure your learning success.

GOTAFE remains open and accessible for our students. Our focus is on continuing to provide an array of education options which will meet the needs of students during this time.

GOTAFE will move to delivering training in four modes:

On Campus

We will continue to deliver a range of courses on campus in a face to face mode with strict social distancing measures in place

Flexible delivery

Some courses will be delivered online while students engage from home with their trainers

Adjusted delivery

For some courses the majority of the training will be delivered online while students engage from home. Any required practical components of the course will be moved to a more appropriate time later in the year


Unfortunately some courses which cannot be practically delivered in the current circumstances will be paused until we’re able to deliver them on campus at a future time.

Regardless of the delivery mode for your course, support for our students remains critically important to us to ensure your education success. Whether learning from home or with adjusted modes of delivery, access to our counsellors, student success coordinators, disability support officers, career and pathway advisors, online library services as well as our network of trainers will not change. If you need to access any of these services, please head to the students section of our website to get in touch.

We are also providing opportunities for current students to take short courses and up-skilling opportunities. If your course is paused, or your education interests have changed, we welcome you to undertake other education opportunities with us.

Understandably, you’ll have a lot of questions about your course and circumstances that are specific to you. Over the next day, your trainers will be contacting you with specific information relating to your course and circumstances. You will be able to ask them any specific questions you may have. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions relating to the current change in education delivery.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us on 1300 GOTAFE (468 233)

We are all in this together, and we’re committed to work alongside you to complete your education and support our regional communities.

Travis Heeney

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for my fees?

Any payments you have made will be retained and will apply to your current enrolment. If your course has been paused and you are on a payment plan, GOTAFE will pause the plan and stop debiting your bank account until you restart your course.

What does this mean for my face to face assessments?

Your trainers are working on solutions that suit each individual and course. Some of the options include delaying assessment until later in the year, video assessment, or continuing with face to face assessment complying with social distancing protocols. Our aim is to give you every opportunity to complete your assessments and complete your course as planned. Please speak with your trainer about your individual circumstances.

Can I still access support services?

Yes. All of GOTAFE’s support services including learning support and counselling will be available to students through remote access with videoconferencing and by telephone. Remote library services are also available.

Will I complete my course on time?

Our aim is to give you every opportunity to receive all your training, complete your assessments and complete your course in the original planned timeframe, however we are not able to give an absolute guarantee that this will occur in the current COVID-19 restricted environment. We can assure you that we will do our best to meet your expectations.

What does this mean for placements?

The Department of Education and Training and the Department of Health and Human Services are working on plans for placement. At this stage, trainers are adjusting the course timetables so that placements can be scheduled for later in the year.

What if I want to change my course now that things have changed?

Changing your course is possible. We encourage you to discuss your options with your Trainer and with our Enrolment team who can give the best advice on career and training changes and how to apply for a new course.

Can I defer from my course?

Yes, you can defer your course and restart again in 2021. Please get in touch or have a conversation with your trainer.