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Drug and Alcohol Support Worker

Support people with drug and alcohol addictions, and help them to maintain a sobre lifestyle and achieve their personal goals.

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Help people overcome addiction

Support people through drug and alcohol addictions and help them to reduce their dependency. Work with your clients to develop coping strategies and processes that will allow them to maintain sobriety and improve their quality of life. You’ll provide both counselling and education services, helping people set goals and develop structures that support their recovery.

Key stats

Drug and Alcohol Support Workers provide an important role in supporting the growth and development of communities across Australia, and are always in high demand. Here are some key facts and figures about this career path:

  • $1,584

    Average weekly salary

  • 41 hrs

    Average hours worked per week

  • 45 yrs

    Average age of people in this career

  • Multi-region

    Jobs available in metro and rural areas

  • ~1,600

    People employed in this industry

  • 64%

    Of employees are full time

  • Low

    Unemployment for this industry

  • Very high

    Skill level required for this career


Core skills of a Drug and Alcohol Support Worker

Working as a Drug and Alcohol Support Worker, you’ll have specialised skills in assessing and supporting your clients’ needs. Some of the core skills of Drug and Alcohol Support Workers include:

Assessing client needs

Develop close relationships with your clients and determine their needs, as well as any potential risks to their sobriety.

Facilitating behavioural change

Help your clients to change their attitudes and approach to alcohol and drugs, and help them to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Working with families, couples, and individuals

Support your client in developing strong and constructive relationships with those around them, and provide a safe space for both your client and their loved ones to express their emotions and needs.

Implementing treatment and rehabilitation plans

Help your clients with the day-to-day experience of sobriety and provide support during challenging periods.

Start here

Employment as a Drug & Alcohol Support Worker

Once you’ve completed your Certificate IV

Employment as a Community Services Supervisor

You may choose to continue your studies at university to become qualified in psychology, social work, or human services.

Fore more information about studying to become an Drug and Alcohol Support Worker, get in touch with one of our Course Coordinators. They'll help you understand your study options and match the right course with your goals.

Why choose GOTAFE?

Community connections

We work closely with the local community and drug and alcohol support industry to make sure your training gives you all the skills you need to succeed in the workforce.

Transferable skills

You’ll gain important transferable skills in case management and program coordination, making you a valuable employee in a range of Community Services organisations.

Hands-on experience

Our courses give you the opportunity to apply theory to practice and develop your skills working on real community projects.

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Helpful advice for planning your career

Still not sure what career path you’d like to follow? Our Skills and Jobs Centre is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for career planning advice. The Centre is government-funded and you don’t have to be a GOTAFE student to get help from our advisors.