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Innovation Hub

Think, design, create. Learn how to make (almost) anything in our Innovation Hub.

Make your ideas a reality

In the Innovation Hub, ideas can become a reality. We are proud to provide a ‘start up’ space where people can develop ideas from concepts through to the design, construction and prototyping phases combined with web page design and marketing. Our vision is of a true ‘one stop shop’ where people from all walks of life can come together to learn and grow in a safe non-threatening space.

In our endeavour to develop a new digital fabrication space, we looked to the worldwide Maker Movement. We found it resonated with our core business values of a collaborative working space for students, local business, industry and the community at large. Digital disruption, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and the need to be responsive to product development and lead times were all considered when designing the GOTAFE Innovation Hub.

Located at our Wangaratta, Docker Street Campus, we currently offer Short Courses where like-minded people gather together to learn, design, create and invent.

How do you use the equipment to turn your ideas into a reality?

The ‘no screw’, ‘no glue’ dining chairs are a great example of our students using a variety of the Innovation Hub equipment to make their designs a reality.

The students found a digital design of a chair from a reputable online source, they used the CAD software to manipulate the digital file and used it to ‘talk to’ the CNC cutter.

The students used their hands skills to sand and finesse the completed chair.

Innovation hub 9

Taking it to the next level

"Inspired by Japanese ‘Kanzashi’ hair ornaments, I have taken my own hair pins, redesigned them with a Japanese influence and made some tweaks to the functionality of the design.

Using the machines within the Innovation Hub like the 3D printer and scanner, and laser cutter and engraver I will make the pins from both plastic and etched metal. The Innovation Hub gives me so much creative flexibility, I can explore the whole concept and work with different materials like bone to further the designs of my hair pins.

Being a student at GOTAFE I can also test my designs and collaborate with the hairdressing students and teachers."

- Practicing artist and GOTAFE design student Robynne Ilott has designed her own hair pins.

Innovation hub Jewellery design Robynne Ilott

Innovation Hub Equipment

  • Milling Machine: a bit like a drill press, but on steroids. This machine takes things and makes them smaller in very precise ways. For example, it can carve out a very precise channel into a piece of wood. Perfect for model making, this equipment lives in the engineering department.
  • Laser cutter and engraver (2D cutting) - cut and engrave paper, plastic, timber, etch into aluminum and leather. For example etch your child’s name on a wood nameplate for their bedroom.
  • 3D printer – replicate almost anything from your front door key to a car part
  • CNC Router - Cuts out and engraves usually on timber and ply.
  • Vinyl Cutter - make decals for the printing and the signwriting industry.
  • Garment printer (T-shirt) – use design software to create design make it on printer
  • Vacuum forming machine – makes plastic moulds
  • 3D scanner – 3D scan intricate part and reproduce on 3D printer
  • Other equipment; electronics equipment, soldering station, control computers with CAD software
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Who can use this space?

The concept for the Innovation Hub is to be a open space that practicing artists can use for not only their own creations but also a creative and collaborative space.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you, just get in touch