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The Academy

Start your journey in a team where you can kick goals on the field and in the classroom.

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A future built on passion

Steering away from traditional education methods, The Academy and GOTAFE, are preparing students for a future that’s built on their passion.

The program is set up in a way that allows students to take a proactive approach to their education. Designed for experiential learners, GOTAFE and The Academy are removing the stigma associated with the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). GOTAFE firmly believes that passion and education go hand in hand: the environment and priorities of The Academy's approach is an ideal place to foster lifelong learning.

GOTAFE and The Academy: A winning team

GOTAFE’s partnership with The Academy aims to deliver a comprehensive program.

  • The Academy recruits learners into the program, and provides an engaging, supportive and positive environment for students to learn and grow.
  • Students are enrolled with GOTAFE, whose skilled and experienced trainers deliver personalised and quality education in:
  • The Academy value adds to GOTAFE’s VCAL training by offering non-accredited High Performance skills for holistic growth and athletic development.
  • GOTAFE are also responsible for issuing students with certificates and statement of attainments on completion of their VCAL.
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Why is The Academy different?

The Academy is about purpose and life preparation.

To refine students Personally; helping them understanding who they are, building on emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Arming them mentally for what's to come in their lives.

To enhance students Professionally; by giving them the life skills to help them turn their passion into a profession with the expertise of GOTAFE’s training program.

To lift students' Passion; by breaking down the why and exploring how they can strengthen their skills to grow in what they do.

Program Fees

For students completing their studies at The Academy Campuses in 2022, course fees are summarised below. These fees are payable to GOTAFE at the time of enrolment and on invoices. They include both the VCAL Intermediate and VCAL Senior program rates.

Subsidised standardSubsidised concessionFull fee
Tuition fee$2,650$530$10,060
Material fee$150$150$150
Student services fee$85$85$85
Total fees$2,885$765$10,295

The fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Further information relating to GOTAFE’s fees is available.

In addition to VCAL, students attending The Academy in 2022 complete The Academy’s High Performance Program. 2022 fees for this non-accredited component are below, payable to GOTAFE on behalf of The Academy:

Subsidised standardSubsidised concessionFull fee
The Academy High Performance Program+

+Note: For those 2022 students undertaking their VCAL on-site at The Academy campuses, a separate non-refundable deposit for their 2XU uniform has been charged by The Academy ($600). This fee is separate from GOTAFE’s tuition and course fees above and payable directly to The Academy.

2023 VCAL Enquiries

For 2023 VCAL enquires, contact GOTAFE at 1300 GOTAFE (468 233)