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Pauline Farrell

Pauline Farrell

Executive Director Education

Pauline has twenty years of experience leading learning transformation that impact the student and teacher experience in an education setting which has included the School. TAFE, the University and private educator sector. Her most recent roles include a global role as the Director of Learning Teaching for Navitas, Director of Education Leadership and Student Experience at Swinburne University and over ten years working at Box Hill Institute in leadership roles.

She is a passionate advocate of curriculum, assessment, quality and compliance and learning eco-system transformation through co-design and collaboration with industry, students, executives and teachers. Her focus is on how the process of transformation impacts student retention, student experience and graduates outcomes. She is equally driven to achieve exponential change in the teacher experience through setting aspirational benchmarks in innovation, delivery and assessment.

Pauline holds numerous qualifications in both education and business including Master of Education, Post graduate qualifications in work education and Digital Learning, She also holds a Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching and over six TAFE Diploma’s. She is currently finalising her HEA Principal fellowship. She has worked as a teacher, academic, executive and consultant and has been a presenter at over 100 conferences, She has also owned her own business. She is the author of eBusiness Now, Winner of UMTC Melbourne University PH'd scholarship, DEET T.R.I.P. fellowship, and Multiple Award winner in innovation, elearning, and leadership . Pauline has extensive experience working in and for business including DFSS, Victoria Police, Goodyear Dunlop, Department of Justice, Linfox, and numerous blue chip companies.

Her current major research interests focus on the future of work and how education can evolve to meet the emerging needs of the workforce. She works globally across the education technology and disruptive technologies.

Pauline Farrell, Executive Director Education