There are many ways to start your studies at GOTAFE, whether it be as a recent school leaver, a mature age student or even through the workplace. You can be sure that whatever pathway you choose, GOTAFE is here to support you.

All qualifications in this guide are nationally recognised (Note: the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a state accredited program)

Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) is a TAFE program available at the secondary school level.

VETiS programs provide secondary school students with the opportunity to complete a nationally accredited and industry recognised qualification while still at secondary school. You can complete Year 10, VCAL or VCE and a VETiS Certificate at the same time, giving you greater opportunities for further study or work and a greater understanding of the field you are interested in.

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Students who have successfully completed Year 10 are eligible to study a VCAL certificate as an alternative to VCE (Year 11 & 12).

VCAL is hands-on and allows you to study what you’re interested in. Our experienced VCAL Trainers support you, strengthening your literacy and numeracy and work-ready skills.

Transition programs are available through the Learning Skills Unit (LSU), that supports students who wish to continue their education at University or TAFE.

The units have been selected to develop literacy, numeracy, professional communication and computer literacy to the levels expected in academic study. The skills and strategies learnt through this program provide a sound basis for the Tertiary Enabling Program at La Trobe University and further study at GOTAFE.

Certificate courses commence at Certificate I and go through to Certificate IV. With each level you will gain practical skills to give you a grounding in your chosen field. In general, a Certificate III is the Apprenticeship or Traineeship level where you learn both at work and on-campus, enhancing your knowledge and becoming a qualified skilled worker.

Advance your skills and take the next step with a Certificate IV, this can then give you the opportunity to progress onto further study at Diploma level.

Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas prepare you for a career and generally run from one to two and a half years. Many students choose to study a Diploma while working and can also lead to further study at university level.

GOTAFE enjoys a number of partnerships with some of Victoria’s largest universities Federation University, Charles Sturt University and La Trobe University.  Wangaratta GOTAFE and Charles Sturt University share a facility, the Wangaratta Regional Study Centre. These partnerships allow you to seamlessly transition into a university degree in a number of areas including Health, Community Services, Veterinary Nursing/Technology and Business.

GOTAFE works closely with our partner universities. You can study a university degree on a GOTAFE campus delivered by GOTAFE teachers, allowing you to receive the friendly and personal interest our TAFE courses provide, whilst preparing you for a transition to university studies.

You may receive credit towards your degree from studies in many completed diploma courses and some completed Certificate IV courses. The length of your degree course may be shortened by recognising your GOTAFE studies.