Meat Processing

At GOTAFE we have the local retail and wholesale Meat Processing industry covered. We provide a pre-employment course to put you in a great position to gain employment with local business. We provide the pinnacle of Apprenticeship training in this industry. We can even help fine tune the skills of your existing employees.

Are you working in retail meat processing and looking for staff with the skills to hit the ground running? You’re in the right place. At GOTAFE, we provide on-the-job butchery courses for meat-processing Apprentices. Your business gets the benefits of flexible delivery for your employees to learn cutting edge skills:

  • Scheduling classes, so staff training falls outside your busy days
  • One-on-one training and support
  • Direct contact with the trainer, so you can ask whatever questions come to mind.

For our wholesale clients, we provide Certificate II , a pre-employment program. That means your workforce is ready to go with the skills and knowledge to work in the industry. With a solid foundation, they can move onto more specific certificate courses such as Abattoirs, Slaughtering or working in the Boning Room.


Started an Apprenticeship as a Butcher? Learn your trade from the experts at GOTAFE. We teach you skills you need to work confidently and safely in the retail meat industry. We come to your workplace to support you to apply new skills directly to your work.

Training Apprentices is our specialty. We’ll make sure you build the skills employers want. Maturity, initiative, how to get the job done. From raw materials to serving customers at the shop counter. Applicants must have current employment within the industry.

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