General Education

Whether you’re an early school leaver or someone who needs to retrain for the future, we have the right course. GOTAFE general education courses focus on reading and writing, maths and using computers. We know it can be a bit daunting, so make a learning plan that fits where you’re at. Our friendly and knowledgeable teachers want you to learn and succeed, whatever your goals. We focus on building your confidence to give it a go.
Our VCAL and work education courses focus on developing practical skills. Learn how to get a job, take part at work and be good with your money. Use your study to increase your job opportunities, community involvement and your own satisfaction.

Small class sizes mean you get the attention you need. We group our students together who have similar needs or life experience. This gives you the chance to meet others, share challenges, ask questions and support each other.

Learn general work skills for whatever you want to do next. Go on to further study or enter the workforce with confidence in your knowledge and ability.

You may also be able to access funding through the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program, a program funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

Click here for further information Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program.


Are you ready to move to the front of the employment queue? You don’t have to keep feeling left behind because you haven’t had much training up till now. Take control with the Initial General Education for Adults course. Getting back to basics will improve your confidence. If you need a hand with maths and reading, or English language skills, we’re here to help. We make sure you choose subjects that are best for your career goals. Bring job applications with you and work on them together.

Learn in small groups, with no pressure. Just loads of help when you need it.

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The 22333VIC Certificate I in Developing Independence is a course designed to help young people who are homeless or in housing need to stabilize their lives and achieve the transition to independence.

Delivered at the Shepparton Education First Youth Foyer by the Teacher, Developing Independence, along with the Youth Development Worker who will organise workshops and opportunities for participation in the Six Service areas: Education, Employment, Health & Well being, Social Connections, Civic Participation and Housing & Living Skills.

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Don’t worry if you had to leave school early: it’s never too late to pick up where you left off. Join us for the Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory). Improve on the basics. We’ll make sure the subjects are the right ones for you, for work, home or your own interests. Focus on reading, writing, and using numbers for everyday life.

We practice listening and speaking together to give you confidence. And if you want to learn more, we have courses you can join to suit your goals and strengths.

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Don’t let maths and reading hold you back from learning new skills for life and work. Join us for the Certificate I in General Education for Adults at GOTAFE. It doesn’t matter if you left school early, or haven’t studied for a long time. We’ll make you feel welcome. We’ll encourage you to give it a go, build your self-confidence, and trust what you already know.

We focus on strengthening your computer, reading and maths skills. Showcase what you learn in a portfolio to improve your job prospects, go onto further study to continue on your new path.

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Want to take control of your future? We’re here to encourage you all the way. When you finish the Certificate II in General Education for Adults you’ll have a fresh start at your education. More complex skills using computers, reading and maths will set you up for studying the qualification you have your eye on.

Our supportive trainers focus on building strong learning skills. We aim to help you continue your study for more specialist careers.

You’ll learn to:

  • Plan goals and work on projects
  • Strengthen your reading and writing
  • Create complex documents on computer
  • Improve maths and problem solving
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Get your education back on track at GOTAFE. We’ll teach you essential skills for further studies and future job opportunities. The Certificate III in General Education for Adults gives you the grounding you need to feel confident in your next step.

We’ll create an individual learning plan with you, so you study exactly what you need. Learn how to research, write and edit essays, and apply advanced problem solving skills. Strengthen your computer skills for work and further study. Create and interpret complex documents and statistics. Then put it all in your portfolio of work to share with potential employers.

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Looking for an alternative to studying VCE in years 11 and 12 at Secondary School? Not sure Uni is the next step for you? Then the hands-on VCAL is the right fit. Focus on studying what you’re interested in.

Our experienced VCAL teachers support you, strengthening your literacy and numeracy and work-ready skills. Learn to work in a team, solve problems and show initiative. Apply what you learn directly to your workplace.

Don’t worry, VCAL doesn’t mean you can’t go to university. You’ll still gain qualifications that lead you directly to work, and university later if that’s the pathway you choose.

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At the intermediate level the focus is on knowledge and employability skills that lead to independent learning, confidence and a higher level of transferable skills.

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At the senior level the focus is on knowledge and employability skills that lead to a high level of interpersonal skills, independent action and achievement of tasks that require decision making and leadership. This provides an opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and skills which apply directly to the workplace or further study. Senior students are expected to work independently and also take on leadership roles within VCAL activities and projects and make positive contributions to the community.

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