GOTAFE students access world-leading technology

An almost $170,000 synthetic human has made the long trip from Florida to Benalla – to benefit students studying Health & Community Services courses at GOTAFE.

The human anatomy technology model, which was developed by American company SynDaver Labs, was purchased with funding from the Victorian Government’s Regional and Specialist Training Fund (RSTF).

A Sectra Table, which is an interactive learning and teaching tool that uses real anatomy and clinical cases to develop critical thinking in critical training was also purchased through RSTF grant funding. This will be used for all applications across the health educational sector.

The RSTF program supports training for specific skills in regional and specialist areas that are not being met by the current training market.

GOTAFE’s interim education executive director, Louise Pearce, said GOTAFE was fortunate to be the only registered training organisation in Australia to have the SynDaver resource. “We are also the first VET training organisation to utilise a Sectra Table in our training programs. Up until now, it was a resource only available in university degree programs.”

“Our students will benefit enormously from being able to learn with the anatomy model and the interactive workstation,” said Ms Pearce.

The SynDaver Anatomy Model is an alternative to human cadavers in basic anatomy classes and has been designed to mimic the physical properties of live tissue.

The Sectra Table is a large, multi-touch medical display that uses real anatomy and clinical cases and allows students to interact with an image. Students can navigate inside the images, as well as remove layers of skin and muscle and dissect the body with a virtual knife.

“GOTAFE is proud to provide students with the opportunity to study locally, and having access to world-class facilities helps ensure they are job-ready when they finish their training,” said Ms Pearce.

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When students are getting ready for a role in the caring profession, community is everything.

It’s this sense of community that GOTAFE creates which fosters a safe, supportive space for our students to grow, support each other and be challenged.

So they emerge confident, capable and ready to thrive.  Join us for an information session at our Seymour campus to learn more about our Early Childhood, Individual Support and Nursing courses.

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Award winning nursing student initially daunted by hospital environment

A series of traumatic family events prompted Belinda Howes to enhance her skills within the health industry.

After working in Disability Services for a number of years Belinda wanted to up-skill and decided to enrol in the Diploma of Nursing with GOTAFE.

Belinda successfully completed her Diploma in 2016 and was also the recipient of a GOTAFE Nursing Award in 2015. Belinda said that even though she achieved her goals and has been recognised as an outstanding student she still was still apprehensive about starting study again.

“I was really nervous,” she said. “I had my doubts that I wasn’t smart enough at the start of the course and I found the hospital environment intimidating but once I completed the Anatomy and Physiology components of the course I felt more confident and found GOTAFE extremely supporting. The teachers were especially welcoming, supportive and helped keep me on track.”

Belinda went on to say that she loved the course and that undertaking her practical placement was a highlight of her studies. “The diploma was fantastic, I learnt a lot and made lifelong friendships. Placement was definitely the best part of the course, it brought it all together and being able to work with patients really helped solidify the knowledge we had learnt in class.”

Belinda completed numerous placements that included acute and aged care in Mansfield, the medical ward and direct nursing at Wangaratta North East Health as well as hours at Albury Base Hospital.

Belinda would like to undertake more study, specifically courses that focus on diabetes education, emergency care and management. She would also like to complete her registered nurse qualifications then pathway into University.

Belinda also shared her advice to anyone else contemplating a career in the health industry. “Do it, start your studies with GOTAFE, it will be well worth it.”

“If you work hard you will be rewarded and there is always a support network, your trainers and classmates are there to help you.”