Phil Guthrie Takes Out Wurreker Awards

Congratulations to Phil Guthrie for winning the 2017 Wurreker Awards!

Wurreker Awards provide are an annual opportunity to showcase the commendable efforts and successes of individuals and organisations working tirelessly to improve the Koorie experience in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

Phil was recognised for the Wurreker Award through his work within the Academy of Sport, Health and Education (ASHE). He has been with the program for all but nine months of the program’s operations.

Phil is currently the program’s teaching, learning and training coordinator. He continues to grow in his role and is now completing Certificate III in Fitness and Level two AFL coaching qualifications to not only add value to ASHE but also Shepparton’s Aboriginal Community.

Phil is one of Shepparton’s great advocates for Aboriginal Culture. He respects the Shepparton region, and particularly Cummeragunja, as the source of an incredible history of indigenous champions whose contribution to our society is slowly but surely being understood and appreciated by mainstream society today.

Well Done Phil!