Horticulture trainer wins second PCA award

Leigh Taig is a Horticulture trainer at William Orr, who facilitates GOTAFE’s Greenhouse Technical Management Course. According to Leigh, “The course is essentially a masterclass in Protected Cropping and is derived from Certificate IV in Production Horticulture (AHC40416).”

Leigh attended the Protected Cropping Australia (PCA) National Conference recently in Adelaide, where he was presented with the Industry Training Award for Greenhouse Technical Management Course. The PCA is the industries national peak body, of which it’s members include hydroponic farmers and allied trades dealing specifically with the hydroponic and greenhouse industry throughout Australia.

This is the second award Leigh has won, his first award was presented in 2009 for his early involvement in promoting training pathways within the industry.

Leigh’s award relates specifically to the GOTAFE short accredited course, Greenhouse Technical Management, a technical training course in greenhouse and hydroponic production. Since its inception in 2008, the Masterclass has been delivered in conjunction with industry to over 300 participants, in more than 15 locations throughout Australia.

GOTAFE is often invited by companies to deliver the course on-farm or the course is scheduled in regions of intensive horticulture such as Coffs Harbour, Bundaberg and Perth. The model of bringing the training to the regions, enables growers and allied trades the opportunity to easily participate in the course and also provides the opportunity to customise the course to meet local needs.

Recently the Masterclass was delivered to a cohort of 15 in Devonport Tasmania, with the next course scheduled at the Hawkesbury Campus at Western Sydney University (WSU). WSU have a recently completed training and research greenhouse and GOTAFE were invited by the University to deliver the course on site. This will mean access to a high tech facility for practical and instructional activities during the course.

Leigh says, “It’s through personal involvement with the industry, and creating essential contacts that has enabled this course to be driven by industry, delivered to industry, facilitated by GOTAFE and remain relevant.”

He continues, “There is a lot of new technology and information emerging, and one of the things we do is explore these changes in the growing environment and help participants to upgrade their thinking.”

The next Greenhouse Technical Management Course is being run at Western University Sydney (WSU) Hawkesbury campus 31 July to 4 August. GOTAFE is excited to be accessing the WSU’s brand new training and research greenhouse and to present one of the largest cohorts to date, with several participants travelling from South Africa and New Zealand.

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