Innovation Hub – Our Story

Join the Maker Movement and learn how to drive digital fabrication equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, garment printers, 3D scanners and more. Learn in the all new, creative, do it yourself Innovation Hub where like-minded people gather together to learn, design, create and invent.

In our endeavour to develop a new digital fabrication space, we looked to the worldwide Maker Movement. We found it resonated with our core business values of a collaborative working space for students, local business, industry and the community at large.
Digital disruption, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and the need to be responsive to product development and lead times were all considered when designing the GOTAFE Innovation Hub.

We are proud to provide a ‘start up’ space where people can develop ideas from concepts through to the design, construction and prototyping phases combined with web page design and marketing.

Our vision is of a true ‘one stop shop’ where people from all walks of life can come together to learn and grow in a safe non-threatening space.


Late 2016 Initial grant application.
Early 2017 Research, purchase, install and commission equipment.
Mid 2017 Design and implement new training programs.
Design and plan for future expansion after initial move into new building.
Late 2017 Train internal staff.
Run tours for community groups and industry.
Early 2018 Refurbish and relocate Innovation Hub to new home.
Run pilot training programs with industry and community groups.