Defensible Documentation Training

Join us for a unique PD opportunity to boost your knowledge of Defensible Documentation.

What happens if your care is questioned?

Can your progress note documentation provide evidence of your duty of care? Or is it absent, irrelevant or incomplete? Documentation matters, it is you best protection when care is questioned. This course will introduce you to defensible documentation and it will change the way you write.

This training covers

  • Overview defensible documentation
  • 3 ways to simplify documentation
  • Objective and appropriate language
  • How to document relevant information, duty of care, incidents, risks, change and the big risk ‘refusal of care’.

This training

  • Reduces the time required to write relevant information
  • Supports ACFI validation
  • Provides examples of complaint, incident and coronial investigations to illustrate the documentation required when care is questioned.

To be held at GOTAFE’s Campuses:

Ideal for staff working in residential and community aged care and disability services.

Training delivered by PHI, a professional learning and development company for aged, community, disability and mental health services. For more information visit