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Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration

Course Code UEE32211
Duration 1,080 hours (nominal) , 48 Months Full time
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Our Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration provides skills and knowledge to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain refrigeration systems and equipment for food storage and preservation.

The course also covers air conditioning and distribution equipment and includes regulatory requirements for purchasing and handling refrigerants.

Entry Requirements
Contact the Customer Service Centre for further details on enrolment requirements. Prospective students and employers must contact an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) for further information regarding Australian Apprenticeships.

Additional Information
Practical placement is a requirement to successful complete this course

Participants are assessed via completion of required tasks and a demonstration of skills, eg. Written and verbal assignments, practical work, projects and/or written tests.

Skills Recognition
Skills Recognition is the process of gaining formal recognition for skills and knowledge that have been obtained through work history, previous study and life experience. Skills Recognition is an assessment-only process - there is no formal training involved, although you may choose to complete further training as a result of the assessment process. Skills Recognition is made up of one or more of the following processes including credit transfer and recognition of prior learning.

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A funded student can expect to pay no more than $3,240.00 in tuition fees to complete this course.
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Units of Study

UEE32211 - Core Units
  UEENEEK142A   Apply environmentally and sustainable energy procedures in the energy sector
  UEENEEE101A   Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  UEENEEP024A   Attach cords and plugs to electrical equipment for connection to a single phase 230 Volt supply
  UEENEEP025A   Attach cords, cables and plugs to electrical equipment for connection to 1000 Va.c. or 1500 Vd.c. su
  UEENEEJ113A   Commission air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ170A   Diagnose and rectify faults in air conditioning and refrigeration control systems
  UEENEEJ111A   Diagnose and rectify faults in air conditioning and refrigeration systems and components
  UEENEEP012A   Disconnect / reconnect composite appliances connected to low voltage installation wiring
  UEENEEE137A   Document and apply measures to control OHS risks associated with electrotechnology work
  UEENEEJ104A   Establish the basic operating conditions of air conditioning systems
  UEENEEJ103A   Establish the basic operating conditions of vapour compression systems
  UEENEEE102A   Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components
  UEENEEJ153A   Find and rectify faults in motors and associated controls in refrigeration and air conditioning syst
  UEENEEE105A   Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment
  UEENEEJ107A   Install air conditioning and refrigeration systems, major components and associated equipment
  UEENEEJ106A   Install refrigerant pipe work, flow controls and accessories
  UEENEEP017A   Locate and rectify faults in low voltage composite appliances using set procedures
  UEENEEC025B   Participate in refrigeration and air conditioning work and competency development activities
  UEENEEJ102A   Prepare and connect refrigerant tubing and fittings
  UEENEEJ108A   Recover, pressure test, evacuate, charge and leak test refrigerants
  UEENEEJ110A   Select refrigerant piping, accessories and associated controls
  UEENEEE103A   Solve problems in ELV single path circuits
  UEENEEJ194A   Solve problems in low voltage refrigeration circuits
  UEENEEE107A   Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications
  UEENEEJ109A   Verify functionality and compliance of refrigeration and air conditioning installations
UEE32211 - Grp A Electives
  HLTFA311A   Apply first aid
  HLTFA301C   Apply first aid
  CPCPCM2023A   Carry out OHS requirements
  UEENEEE009B   Comply with scheduled and preventative maintenance program processes
  UEENEEC010B   Deliver a service to customers
  CPCPMS3015A   Install and test ducting systems
  UEENEEC001B   Maintain documentation
  HLTCPR201B   Perform CPR
  HLTCPR211A   Perform CPR
  UEENEEE020B   Provide basic instruction in the use of electrotechnology apparatus
  UEENEEC003B   Provide quotations for installation or service jobs
  UEENEEC002B   Source and purchase material/parts for installation or servcie jobs
  UEENEED101A   Use computer applications relevant to a workplace
  CPCCOHS1001A   Work safely in the construction industry
UEE32211-Grp B Electives
  UEENEEJ178A   Apply safety awareness and legal requirements for ammonia refrigerant
  UEENEEJ184A   Apply safety awareness and legal requirements for carbon dioxide refrigerant
  UEENEEJ174A   Apply safety awareness and legal requirements for hydrocarbon refrigerants
  UEENEEI150A   Develop, enter and verify discrete control programs for programmable controllers
  UEENEEJ180A   Install and commission ammonia refrigeration systems, components and associated equipment
  UEENEEJ186A   Install and commission carbon dioxide refrigeration systems, components and associated equipment
  UEENEEJ176A   Install and commission hydrocarbon refrigerant systems, components and associated equipment
  UEENEEJ168A   Maintain microbial control of refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  UEENEEJ196A   Operate Ammonia Refrigeration Plan
  UEENEEJ179A   Repair and service ammonia refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ185A   Repair and service carbon dioxide refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ182A   Repair and service secondary refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ188A   Repair and service self contained carbon dioxide refrigeration and heat pump systems
  UEENEEJ115A   Resolve problems in beverage dispensers
  UEENEEJ167A   Resolve problems in central plant air conditioning systems
  UEENEEJ166A   Resolve problems in dairy refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ114A   Resolve problems in hydronic systems
  UEENEEJ119A   Resolve problems in ice making systems
  UEENEEJ120A   Resolve problems in industrial refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ118A   Resolve problems in post mix refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ171A   Resolve problems in refrigerated beverage vending cabinets
  UEENEEJ116A   Resolve problems in transport refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ117A   Resolve problems in ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems
  UEENEEJ175A   Service and repair self contained hydrocarbon air conditioning and refrigeration systems

It may be necessary to cancel or postpone courses due to insufficient enrolments or funding changes.
This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding.