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Certificate IV in Leisure and Health

Course Code CHC40608
Duration 1,070 hours (nominal) , 12 Months Part time
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Our Certificate IV in Leisure and Health is ideal for those working in residential facilities, community agencies and day centres. The course is structured for those who work under supervision and sole practitioners.

Entry Requirements
Literacy and numeracy to Year 10 level. Fitness to be able to be certified competent in patient care in the workplace. Applicants must attend an information session prior to course selection interview. Applicants must demonstrate appropriate literacy and numeracy skills to enable them to meet the demands of the course and the workplace. Applicants must demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills through a formal interview.

Successful completion of Certificate IV in Leisure and Health may lead to further training and study such as: - Diploma of Leisure and Health

Career Information
This course may lead to roles as: - Activities officer - Community Leisure Officer - Disability Officer - Day Support -Diversional Therapy Assistant -Leisure officer - Recreation Activities Officer.

Additional Information
This course also provides an opportunity to test in 'real' situation what has been learnt so far via practical placement. You need to the ability to undertake 220 hours of practical placement.

Participants are assessed via completion of required tasks and a demonstration of skills, eg, written and verbal assignments, practical work, projects and/or written tests.

Study mode
The duration of this course is 2.5 days per week over 12 months.

Skills Recognition
Skills Recognition is the process of gaining formal recognition for skills and knowledge that have been obtained through work history, previous study and life experience. Skills Recognition is an assessment-only process - there is no formal training involved, although you may choose to complete further training as a result of the assessment process. Skills Recognition is made up of one or more of the following processes including credit transfer and recognition of prior learning.

To find out more about Skills Recognition call 1300 GOTAFE (1300 468 233)

The standard hourly fee for this course in a Government subsidised place is $4.50.
A funded student can expect to pay no more than $4,815.00 in tuition fees to complete this course.
Additional fees for student services, amenities, goods and materials may apply. The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. For course fees please see our Program Tuition Fees

Should you wish to express interest in this course please enquire as below.

To enquire about this course call 1300GOTAFE or click here.

Units of Study

Core units - CHC40608
  CHCRH406A   Apply knowledge of human behaviour in leisure activity programs
  CHCRH407A   Apply sociological concepts to leisure and health
  CHCICS405B   Facilitate groups for individual outcomes
  CHCICS405A   Facilitate groups for individual outcomes
  CHCCS401B   Facilitate responsible behaviour
  CHCCS401C   Facilitate responsible behaviour
  CHCOHS312A   Follow safety procedures for direct care work
  CHCORG405C   Maintain an effective work environment
  CHCORG405E   Maintain an effective work environment
  CHCRH405A   Plan leisure and health programs for clients with complex needs
  CHCRH405B   Plan leisure and health programs for clients with complex needs
  CHCRH404B   Plan, implement and monitor leisure and health programs
  CHCRH404A   Plan, Implement Andmonitor Leisure And Health Programs
  CHCRH402A   Undertake leisure and health programming
  CHCRH402B   Undertake leisure and health programming
  CHCCOM403A   Use targeted communication skills to build relationships
  CHCRH401A   Work effectively in the leisure and health industry
  CHCRH401C   Work effectively in the leisure and health industry
  CHCCS400C   Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework
  CHCCS400A   Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework
Electives - CHC40608
  HLTFA311A   Apply first aid
  SISCCRO301A   Assist with recreation games not requiring equipment
  CHCINF408C   Comply With Information Requirments Of The Aged Care And Community Sector
  SRCCRO009B   Conduct a recreation program for older persons
  HLTAP401A   Confirm physical health status
  HLTAP401B   Confirm physical health status
  HLTWHS300A   Contribute to WHS processes
  CHCCD404E   Develop and implement community programs
  CHCCD404D   Develop and implement community programs
  SRCCRD007B   Develop recreation programs
  CHCICS302B   Participate in the implementation of individualised plans
  CHCICS302A   Participate in the implementation of individualised plans
  SISCCRO304A   Plan and conduct disability recreation programs
  CHCGROUP403D   Plan and conduct group activities
  CHCICS404B   Plan and provide advanced behaviour support
  CHCICS404A   Provide advanced behaviour support
  CHCORG525D   Recruit and coordinate volunteers
  CHCCS422A   Respond holistically to client issues
  CHCCS422B   Respond holistically to client issues and refer appropriately
  CHCICS303A   Support individual health and emotional well being
  CHCICS410A   Support relationships with families, carers and friends
  CHCICS304B   Work effectively with carers
  CHCICS304A   Work effectively with carers
  HLTHIR403B   Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
  HLTHIR403C   Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers

It may be necessary to cancel or postpone courses due to insufficient enrolments or funding changes.
This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding.