Full Farm Chemical Users Course

from Certificate III in Horticulture (AHC30716)

Course Code SA3FFCUC18
Campus Shepparton - William Orr, Wangaratta - Tone Road
Duration 120 hours

This two day course provides the required training for many Industry Quality Assurance Programs and is necessary to apply for the Victorian Agricultural Chemical Users Permit.
Covering the transportation, handling, storage, preparation and application of liquid chemical mixes and/or granular products for the control of weeds, pests and diseases across a range of industry sectors.
You'll cover:
Determine the need for chemical use
Prepare application/spray plan
Prepare chemical mixes
Calibrate application equipment
Apply chemicals
Clean up equipment and complete records
Transport and handle chemicals and biological agents
Store chemicals in the workplace
Record storage details

Type Cost
Full Fees $240.00
Concession $48.00
Fee for Service Fee $360.00
Material Fee Fees maybe applicable contact 1300 GOTAFE (468 233)

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Campus Times Start End
Shepparton - William Orr Wed 22nd Aug & Thu 23rd August (General Public) 9am - 4pm, 2 Day Course 22-08-2018 23-08-2018
Shepparton - William Orr Wed 12th Sept & Thu 13th Sept (General Public Mansfield) 9am - 4pm, 2 Day Course 12-09-2018 13-09-2018
Shepparton - William Orr Wed 17th Oct & Thu 18th Oct (General Public) 9am - 4pm, 2 Day Course 17-10-2018 18-10-2018
Shepparton - William Orr Wed 14th Nov & Thu 15th Nov (General Public Bendigo) 9am - 4pm, 2 Day Course 14-11-2018 15-11-2018
Wangaratta - Tone Road Wed 21st Nov & Thu 22nd Nov (General Public) 9am - 4pm, 2 Day Course 21-11-2018 22-11-2018