Certificate III in Glass and Glazing

Course Code MSF30413
Campus Contact your local GOTAFE campus on 1300 GOTAFE (468 233) for full details
Duration 810 hours

Course Overview

The MSF30413 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing is the recognised qualification to become a qualified Glass and Glazing Tradesperson.

It’s the apprenticeship that takes you from fixing the kitchen window to working on commercial buildings. Have a different workplace every day. Study the MSF30413 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing.

Learn in our world-class facilities with the experts. We’ll teach you to select, cut, install, replace and remove glass for a variety of uses. From balustrades, to kitchen splashbacks and shopfronts.

You’ll get plenty of practice with tools and machinery. Learn safe work practices. Handle different types of glass and glazing materials. We’ll teach you to match glass and tools to the job before you.

This course is delivered as an Apprenticeship. You will be enrolled into a current qualification.

Pathways / Employment Opportunities

The MSF30413 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing is designed for those wishing to further their knowledge and skills to seek employment in the Stained Glass and Lead Lighting, and Manufacturing industries.

Working in this industry can also be physically demanding whilst working outdoors or on on-site. Applicants should consider their physical ability to complete the job role e.g. bending, lifting, manual handling etc.

Further studies
After gaining the MSF30413 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing, you might wish to undertake further study in the MSF40413 Certificate IV in Glass and Glazing.

Sessions - Dates/Times

Contact your local GOTAFE campus on 1300 GOTAFE (468 233) for full details

Attendance and Commitment

It is important that students commit to all course requirements, including study and assessments the student may need to complete outside their normal training sessions.

You are required to attend all classes where possible and will have access to a trainer outside of class times if required.

Course Co-ordinator

Name: Rick Canning
Location: Wangaratta

Fee Information
Type Average Enrolled Hours Hourly Fee Rate Indicative Tuition Fee Hourly Govt Subsidy Rate Total Govt Contribution
Govt Subsidised-Standard 810 $2.90 $2,349.00 $11.00 $8,910.00
Govt Subsidised-Standard Concession 810 $0.58 $469.80 $11.00 $8,910.00
Govt Subsidised-Apprentice 810 $2.90 $2,349.00 $14.00 $11,340.00
Govt Subsidised-Apprentice Concession 810 $0.58 $469.80 $14.00 $11,340.00
Full Fee 810 $6.15 $4,981.50 N/A N/A
Course Materials 810 $1.40 $1,134.00 N/A N/A

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

You will receive an Indicative Fee Statement when you decide upon your course. A finalised invoice will be issued upon enrolment. Students will be invoiced for the components of the course that they are enrolled into for each year or semester.

Material fees cover costs associated with the following where applicable, and not limited to:

  • Classroom activity consumables, handouts and booklets
  • E-Learning resources and associated license access fees
  • Excursions

Additionally some courses require students to purchase or supply text books, kits, tools, uniforms and personal protection equipment. Some specific materials may be purchased through the GOTAFE Book Shop. A full list with associated costs will be provided to you at your Course Information session or during the Pre-Training review Interview.

Entry Requirements

Training package entry requirements
There are no Training package entry requirements for this qualification.

GOTAFE preferred entry requirements
Before being accepted into the course applicants must:

  • Attend an interview
  • Undertake a Pre-training Review to document previous work experience and qualifications and assess suitability for the course
  • Complete a Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) test to ensure the required language, literacy and numeracy levels are met for the course
  • Register with the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network
Units of Competency

MSF30413 – Core Units

MSFGG2005 – Apply basic glass handling
MSMSUP102 – Communicate in the workplace
MSFGN2001 – Make measurements and calculations
MSFGG2006 – Move single glass sheets by mechanical means
MSFGG2003 – Operate glass freefall rack and table
MSMENV272 – Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSFGG2007 – Process glass by basic machines
MSFGG2004 – Process thin glass by hand
HLTAID003 – Provide first aid
HLTAID003 – Provide first aid
MSFGG2001 – Use glass and glazing sector hand and power tools
MSMSUP106 – Work in a team

MSF30413 – Elective Units

CPCCCM2006 – Apply basic levelling procedures
CPCCOHS2001A – Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
MSFGG3002 – Assess glass and glazing requirements
CPCCCA3001A – Carry Out General Demolition of Minor Building Structures
MSFFM3024 – Construct jigs and fixtures
CPCCCM2008B – Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
MSFGN3002 – Estimate and cost job
MSFGG2009 – Fabricate and assemble frames
MSFGG2010 – Fabricate and install insect and security screens
MSFGG3016 – Fabricate and install residential windows and doors
MSFGG3015 – Fabricate and install shower screens and wardrobe doors
MSFGG2008 – Glaze and re-glaze residential windows and doors
CPCCCM3001 – Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 metres
CPCCJN2003A – Package manufactured products for transport
MSFGG3021 – Prepare and install mirrors and glass splashbacks
CPCCJN2002B – Prepare for off-site manufacturing process
MSFFM3009 – Produce manual and computer-aided production drawings
CPCCCM2001A – Read and interpret plans and specifications
MSFGN3001 – Read and interpret work documents
CPCCCA3011A – Refurbish Timber Sashes To Window Frames
MSFGG3001 – Store and handle glass
MSFGG2002 – Use, handle and store glass and glazing products and consumables
MSMWHS200 – Work safely
CPCCCM2010B – Work safely at heights
CPCCCM2010B – Work safely at heights
CPCCOHS1001A – Work safely in the construction industry
CPCCCM2010 – Work safely on scaffolding higher than two metres

Assessment Methods

Assessment methods may include:

  • Knowledge tests
  • Projects
  • Work observation evidence
  • Workplace documentation
Skills Recognition

Skills Recognition is an assessment only process that may result in credits towards a part or full qualification.  There is no formal training involved, although you may choose to complete further training as a result of the assessment process.

You can apply for Skills Recognition before you enrol in the qualification you are seeking.  You can apply for Skills Recognition through one or both of the following processes:

  • Credit Transfer for formal training that might be equivalent to a new qualification or partial qualification
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for people who have relevant and current skills and knowledge that they have gained through non-formal or informal learning i.e. work or life experience.
Information Sessions

For further information regarding this course please call 1300 468 233.


Please note:  Eligible individuals who wish to access a government subsidised place, must participate in a Pre-training Review.  This will consider your:

  • Aspirations/career goals
  • Educational attainment and capability
  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Suitability for Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer
Individual Needs

Enrolment in an apprenticeship course is commenced after GOTAFE receives a Training Contract completed at an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN). To locate an AASN, please go to http://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au or call 13 38 73.

Learner’s Rights

Refer to the Student Handbook for information regarding Learner’s Rights Student Handbook.
Further information is provided at course induction.

Student Welfare Unit

As an enrolled student at GOTAFE you will be welcome to access a variety of non-academic support services from the Student Welfare Unit. These services are designed to best support you to successfully complete your course.

Services include on campus supports and remote supports

  • Counselling
  • employment information
  • careers
  • activities etc.
Educational Support Services

As an enrolled student at GOTAFE you may access a wide range of academic support services to assist you to meet the academic challenges of your course from our Learning Support Unit.

Where to from here?

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