Certificate III in Food Processing

Course Code FDF30111
Campus Werribee - Research Close
Duration 710 hours

The training and assessment will be completed and the relevant AQF certification documentation will be issued or transferred into its replacement, within a period of one year from the date the replacement training product was released on the national register
This course is offered to people currently employed in the food manufacturing industry as on the job training.

FDF30111 The Certificate III in Food Processing is the recognised qualification to work in team leader roles in the food processing industry.

FDF30111 - Core Units
FDFOHS3001A - Contribute To OHS Processes
FDFFS2001A - Implement the food safety program and procedures
FDFFS3001A - Monitor The Implementation Of Quality And Food Safety Programs
MSAENV272B - Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
FDFOP2064A - Provide and apply workplace information

FDF30111 - Elective Units
FDFOHS2001A - Participate In OHS Processes
FDFOP2004A - Clean and sanitise equipment
FDFOP2061A - Use numerical applications in the workplace
FDFOP2063A - Apply quality systems and procedures
FDFOP3002A - Set Up A Production Or Packaging Line For Operation
FDFOP3003A - Operate Inter-related Processes In A Production System
FDFPPL3001A - Participate In Improvement Processes
FDFPPL3003A - Support And Mentor Individuals And Groups
FDFPPL3004A - Lead Work Teams And Groups
FDFPPL3005A - Participate In An Audit Process
FDFTEC3001A - Participate In A HACCP Team
FDFTEC3003A - Apply Raw Materials, Ingredient And Process Knowledge To Production Problems

Enrollment will require a successful selection interview which will include a Pre-Training Review and a language, literacy and numeracy assessment.
Enrolling students are required to be employed in the food processing industry. This program does not provide, or include, industry placement.

After gaining the FDF30111 Certificate III in Food Processing, you might wish to undertake further study in the FDF40311 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology

FDF30111 The Certificate III in Food Processing is designed for those wishing to further their knowledge and skills to seek employment in the food processing industry.
Working in this industry may involve shift work

Students are required to attend all scheduled classes.
This program does not provide, or include, industry placement

Type Cost
Full Fees $745.50
Concession $149.10
Fee for Service Fee $2,130.00
Material Fee $71.00

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Campus Times Start End
Werribee - Research Close Specific Food Processing Enterprises Only - Not for General Public Selection 01-07-2018 31-12-2018